Welcome to EDS Sleep Training for Professionals

We are delighted to now offer 2 new online courses, firstly our Paediatric Sleep Training for Professionals  course and secondly our Advanced Paediatric Sleep Training Course - Moving Theory into Practice

We offer sleep training courses to all professionals who are working with babies, children and families. ​

We help you develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in helping families make the changes required in order to improve their child's sleep. Whether you are Maternity Nurse, a Health Visitor, a Psychologist a Mental Health Practitioner or any other child practitioner, we can help you help your families

Our courses are all evidence based and we are constantly updating our material in line with latest research. 

Courses in 2020/21

  • Advanced Paediatric Sleep Training - Level six accredited by OCN London ONLINE - 14 weeks.  
  • May 18 - August 23  2020 course in progress

  • November 2nd 2020 - 19th February 2021 (includes 2 week Christmas break)  

  • 22nd March 2021 – 9th July 2021 (includes 2 week break for Easter)

    13th September 2021 – 17th December 2021   

  • Paediatric Sleep Training for Professionals  ​THIS COURSE IS NOW ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th October 2020 in Guildford (a comprehensive 3 day course covering ages 6 months to 16 years)

  • Sleep Training for Psychologists  

  • June 30th and July 1st Bristol 2020. Unfortunately this course has been cancelled but we hope to reschedule in the autumn

  • 14 and 15 Oct 2020 in Liverpool

  • 29th and 30th March 2021

  • Sleep Update Day

  • 10th October 2020 live online

So what do people who have attended our courses say?

"The course was one of the most useful pieces of training I have attended in 20 years of working with children and families in various roles. Not o​nly was it fascinating, but it gave me everything I needed to start working more effectively with sleep difficulties from the very next day, and that is exactly what I did. I would not hesitate to recommend this training to other educational psychologists. 

Educational Psychologist

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