Sleep Training for NHS Trusts

We offer bespoke sleep training courses for all child health professionals working in the NHS. These courses run over the course two or three days face to face, or can be delivered remotely, according to the needs of your team. Courses are evidence based and all research is fully referenced. 

Our courses are designed to cover sleep issues in all children including those with complex additional needs.

Costs start from £2900 for a two day course. 

Options for course content include:

The Impact of Sleep Problems


The Importance of Healthy Sleep in Babies and Children 
What does the research tell us?


Sleep Science 
How sleep works and what is normal?

Common Sleep Problems in Babies and Children

How to advise parents appropriately to meet the needs of the whole family.

What is the Right Sleep Environment?


Safe Sleep


Good Sleep Hygiene 

What do we know from research about the impact of exercise, diet and routines on sleep


Behavioural Insomnia Sleep Training Techniques 

Ensuring that they are age and stage appropriate

How Our Different Cultures Influence Our Sleep Practices

Giving parents choices


Helping Parents Avoid 

the Pitfalls

Getting it right from the beginning


Barriers to Change

Why do some people find change harder than others?


Sleep Resources

The little things that can make a big difference

ADHD and Sleep 

Does ADHD always mean ADHD?


Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy and sleep


How to Spot the Less 

Common Sleep Disorders


Your Professional Responsibilities


When to Refer onto a 

Specialist Service

Please do get in touch so that we can discuss the individual needs of your team and therefore provide you with an exact costing.

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What The Professionals Say...

In October 2018 training was delivered to the Children's Learning Disability Team in Staffordshire NHS Trust and in March 2019 we delivered training for CAMHS in Dorset NHS Trust.

May 2019 we delivered training for Knowsley County Council in Liverpool.

Overall the course was rated as "EXCELLENT" by participants and course content "VERY RELEVANT" to their practice.